SmartRadio : Radio as a Service


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Media companies are in a transition proces and move up towards a brand and content experience. The traditional technical backend is no longer suitable to stay in touch with the target audience who is increasingly using online content. 

Unfortunately most of the time there is a lack of people and (financial) resources to enable a smooth transition.


SmartRadio is a platform, "Radio as a Service", and consists of several components. Together these components create a modern “start to end” production environment.

It responds to changing questions from both consumer and commercial markets. The technological development makes it possible to introduce new audiences for your brand. The smart element is made real. It is possible to add elements, and personalize wishes in content and commerce. Through a modularly built licensing model, any media company can get the desired functionality.


In the Smartradio platform several players are connected on various levels. Often companies are focused on developing one product and do not focus on the entire chain.

SmartRadio combines the best of these worlds and offers it as a managed service.