aXemble headend

Broadcast Partners offers innovative technology and full option solutions for DAB+. 

aXemble productline exists of 2 solutions: a full option aXemble encoder and besides that a full option aXemble headend which includes encoding and multiplexing. aXemble is compliant to DAB+ standard ETS 300 401.

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The aXemble DAB+ headend multiplexer encodes multiple sources: AES/EBU, Livewire/AES67, Icecast, Shoutcast and PCM streams in the highest possible audio quality. An analogue audio input is provided as well.

In the aXemble DAB+ headend AAC+ encoder, different bitrates and bandwidths are adjustable from 32kbps up to 192 kbps at all possible error protection levels per channel. Advanced audio encoder profiles such as AAC-LC, HE-AAC and HE AAC V2 are available in the encoder settings. Although personal preference parameters can be set, the optimal encoder parameters are automatically suggested for each setting.

Standard the aXemble DAB+ headend provides MOT Slideshow and DLS services. Setting up the aXemble can be done by the easy to use menuThe webbased interface can be used to setup and control the headend as well.

Clear overview of on- and off air service

The webbased dashboard of the aXemble DAB+ headend shows a clear overview of the on- and off air services. Detailed information about aXemble encoders, multiplex services and audio inputs is available and easy to modify.The aXemble user interface is webbased using modern HTML5 architecture for realtime data status presentation such as audio levels and metadata. The full responsive interface can be used on desktop and mobile devices and supports SNMP monitoring.

The aXemble MUX is an EDI stream according the DAB+ ETSI TS 10563 protocol, suitable for the latest DAB+ transmitters. Online remote support is optional available and future updates can be installed over the internet.

Excellent support and development

Broadcast Partners successfully launched aXemble DAB+ headends for national and international broadcasters recently at different sites in The Netherlands. Broadcast Partners has a long experience in DAB+ systems and complex setups for commercial and public broadcasters in The Netherlands. Key feature is to provide excellent support and development.

Broadcast Partners serves the Belgian and Dutch market from offices in Terneuzen and Hilversum in The Netherlands. For other countries, Broadcast Partners has partnerships with local dealer networks.

Hardware highlights

The aXemble head-end and the aXemble encoder consist of the exact same technical equipment, both their interior as well as the exterior have the same technical hardware specifications. After a hardware device is assembled, software has to be installed thereon (hereafter: Firmware) to give the device its function. 

aXemble head-end

aXemble encoder

The Firmware

Software highlights & dashboard software

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