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AETA µSCOOP A, 2 unit pack (analog)

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Aeta also supplies the µScoop A as a complete set, where they have simultaneously added a number of interesting options at an attractive price. This set consists of: 2x Aeta µScoop A with the additional: 2x “Remote Access” option; 2x 19″ rackmount tray and 4 blind plates. The AETA µScoop A (analog) has IP transmission and occupies 1/3 1H rack. It is DC or PoE powered, allows full duplex connection, and has two analog line inputs and two analog line outputs on XLR. The device is supplied with AC/DC adapter. The latest firmware version now also supports Auto Bit rate Opus and Auto Jitter Buffer, where settings are automatically adjusted according to the quality of the connection. The device comes with a SIP account on the AETA SIP server which makes connections between two of these µScoop codecs a breeze.

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