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Neumann TLM 102 – Studio microphone (nickel)

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This Neumann TLM 102 studio microphone is impressive when it comes to sound: The interior contains a newly developed large-diaphragm capsule (cardioid) with a maximum sound pressure level of 144 dB, which enables the recording of, for example, percussion, drums, amplifiers and other very loud sound sources. However, the main applications are in the area of vocals and speech; a slight gain above 6 kHz provides excellent voice presence in the overall mix. Up to 6 kHz, the frequency response is extremely linear, providing minimal coloration and a clearly defined bass range. The capsule has an elastic suspension for the suppression of structure-borne noise. A plop screen integrated into the grille serves to suppress plosives in vocal and speech recordings. Its price and flexible range of application make the TLM 102 ideal for home recordings and radio studios.

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