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AETA ScoopFone 4G – Mobile codec

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This ScoopFone 4G makes it easy and efficient to establish AoIP links over 3G and 4G networks and offers great audio quality (up to 20 kHz), as well as HD voice™ (7 kHz) over mobile voice services (3G). With its intuitive interface and simplified configuration, the ScoopFone 4G is a user-friendly device for optimal transmission performance. The selection of the encryption algorithm is done automatically depending on the device being called, with priority given to OPUS. A network quality meter guides the user to adjust the bit rate as needed, which can be done live without any audio glitch or drop out. In IP mode, interleaved packet duplication (FEC) technology ensures a robust connection. Its practical and durable case, its compactness and its autonomy of more than 5 hours on rechargeable batteries make the ScoopFone 4G the perfect combination of mobility, sound quality and functionality. The ScoopFone 4G is also available in a rack-mount version, ScoopFone 4G-R.

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