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AETA Scoop5 S – Multifunctional Codec

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This versatile AETA Scoop5 S enables the bidirectional transmission of one or two audio signals across multiple network interfaces. The device can be easily configured and controlled via the OLED screen or via the built-in HTML server, accessible on LAN or remotely thanks to the Remote Access option. It is also possible to control Scoop5 S through codec management software, such as Scoop Manager. Scoop5 S performs reliable and robust connections thanks to innovative features, such as packet duplication or dual streaming. Multiple network interfaces allow the device to respond to all situations. The unit can also transmit the audio signal over landlines. With the integrated Mobile option, Scoop5 S supports both voice (and HD Voice™ or VoLTE) and IP transmission over 3G / 4G networks. In addition to a coordination function over the cellular network, HD Voice™ or VoLTE will often be a good way to ensure a backup link when other networks are down. Scoop5S comes with free factory SIP accounts on AETA SIP server and also offers a “Direct RTP” mode. The “Direct RTP” mode allows you to establish a connection over an IP network without using the SIP protocol.

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