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Sonifex Redbox RB-SD1 Silence detector

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This Sonifex RB-SD1 Silence Detector is designed to monitor a MAIN input signal. Of course, this MAIN signal comes back out at the output. Thus, the SD-1 forms a silent watchdog that can continuously monitor the connected signal. When the signal drops below a certain presettable silence level (-60dB to -15dB, adjustable in 3dB steps), longer than a presettable time (adjustable between 2 sec and 2:05 minutes), the unit goes into action. The unit features a backup audio input. A fairly normal action would be to pass the backup audio signal to the MAIN output in case of detected silence. However, the SD-1 can do much more than that: For example, the unit actually has a second full-fledged silence detector on board. It permanently monitors the offered backup signal. Because the presence of this signal is obviously just as critical. The backup audio can be a permanent audio source, but also a CD player, for example. It can be started fully automatically by the Silence Detector when needed. The unit features a series of clear signage on the front. When the ”main” (main) audio returns the unit can either recover automatically or manually. Of course, the unit is perfectly transparent and the signal is still perfectly transmitted in the event of a power failure. This makes the unit suitable for use in any conceivable STL connection. (Studio Transmitter Link) The unit has an extended remote port that can be used, for example, to remotely control all the controls on the front of the unit. It also separately signals whether the main and/or backup output becomes silent. The remote port can start and stop alternative audio sources, such as CD players and Compact Flash recorders. The RB-SD1 is also equipped with a remoteable ‘death memorial’ circuit, this sets the detection time to 2 minutes 5. The unit is also capable of activating PSTN and SMS dialers.

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