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Orban OPTIMOD-AM 9300 – AM Audio Processor

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This Orban OPTIMOD-AM 9300 audio processor produces sound quality long thought impossible on AM shortwave, medium wave or long wave broadcasts. The 9300 descends from the legendary 9100 and 9200 OPTIMODS, the standard for AM sound processing for many years. The result is a loud, clear, transparent, and absolutely non-fatiguing sound that will absolutely appeal to listeners and bind them to your radio station. The Orban OPTIMOD-AM 9300 is very user-friendly, partly due to the Quick Setup Wizard that can easily guide you through the most important processing parameters. The LESS-MORE feature allows you to easily change factory settings without extensive knowledge. However, if you are a sound processing expert, you will be amazed at the many possibilities the “Advanced Control” offers you in combination with the 9300 PC Software.

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