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Orban OPTIMOD 8700i – FM/DAB+/HD Audio Processor with RDS/RBDS

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This OPTIMOD 8700i is Orban’s flagship broadcast audio processor for both analog FM transmission and digital media (DAB+/HD Radio/Streaming). The 8700i offers both 2-band and 5-band audio processing structures, ensuring consistent sound. The 8700i has exclusive features like Xponential Loudness™ that brings hyper-compressed music back to life, revealing detail and increasing impact while reducing listening fatigue and distortion. With the Multipath Mitigator phase corrector, multipath distortion can be reduced without compromising stereo separation. Thanks to the Subharmonic Synthesizer, modern sounding bass can be added to older recordings. Orban’s MX limiter technology lowers distortion, improves transient punch, and minimizes the loss of high frequencies caused by pre-emphasis. Further excellent features include the Dante interface that provides dual-redundant AoIP with AES67 support, the digital MPX interface, and a built-in streaming server for monitoring purposes. Built-in dual “power redundancy” and protected bypass relays keep the processor on air 24/7.

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