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Orban OPTIMOD 8600Si – FM/DAB+/HD Audio Processor with RDS/RBDS

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This Orban OPTIMOD FM 8600Si is the perfect audio processor for FM or DAB+. The 8600Si distinguishes itself with many features from its older brothers, one of the key features of the 8600Si is the 2.5 to 3 dB extra loudness that you achieve. Ideal for a better reach of your radio station! An added benefit is that this processor takes up only 1 HE of rack space. The 8600Si offers stereo amplification, equalization, AGC, multiband compression, low-IM peak limiting, stereo coding and composite limiting. More than 20 excellent-sounding, format-specific factory settings will help you get started quickly. Although the factory presets are immediately usable “out of the box,” you can easily adjust them with the one-button LESS-MORE control. The Full Control option lets you fully customize the audio settings to your needs. The low delay monitor output ensures that this processor is also very suitable for listening in the studio.

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