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Orban OPTIMOD 5518 – Stereo Encoder & Limiter with RDS/RBDS

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This Orban OPTIMOD 5518 is a high-performance stand-alone stereo encoder that combines clipping techniques to control overshoots that occur in STL links while minimizing distortion. This device is used particularly in large transmitter networks where the main processor is in the studio and an Orban OPTIMOD 5518 is placed at each transmitter site. The 5518 comes with a fully equipped RBS/RBDS encoder. This encoder supports dynamic PS. The device can be controlled via the 5518 presets and an ASCII terminal server that can be connected to the automation to support title and artist display, for example. In addition, he can delay his exit by as much as 16 seconds. This delay can be used as diversity delay in digital radio systems.

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