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Orban Optimod 5500i – FM Audio Processor & Stereo Encoder with RDS/RBDS

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This Orban OPTIMOD 5500i offers two- and five-band processing in a 1HE rack unit. Everything in this processor is about getting great sound quality, no matter the format or source. The extreme versatility of the 5500i allows you to customize your timbre while maintaining optimal sound quality. The Orban 5500i can also be used as a stereo encoder. Ideal, for example, when you need processing on multiple channel sites to correct the “overshoots” that may be created by the STL. The 5500i comes with a dynamic RDS/RBDS encoder and can be controlled from the front panel and through an ASCII server that, coupled with your radio automation, can display title and artist. A simple, “Less/More” button allows easy modification of a factory preset. The 5500i’s built-in stereo encoder, AES/EBU digital inputs and outputs, and analog I/O allow trouble-free interfacing with any public address system, whether the 5500i is in the studio or at the transmitter.

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