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2WCOM MPX-2c – Dual Channel FM-MPX over IP Encoder (base unit).

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The 2WCOM MPX-2c is a professional MPX over IP encoder that can be expanded to up to 2 audio channels. (1 channel activated) This unit is used in establishing point to point or point to multipoint connections via MPX using IP-based networking technology. The MPX-2c is designed for users who not only have high demands on signal quality but also value monitoring and flexible use within their own network. The MPX-2c is equipped with both analog and digital interfaces but can optionally decode MPX to L+R audio. Through µMPX mode, the bandwidth can be reduced to 320 kbps while “Dual Streaming” and “Pro-MPEG FEC” guarantee you a virtually assured stable connection. Finally, the MPX-2c features a user-friendly web interface that makes various functions remotely controllable.

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