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DEVA Broadcast DB9000-STC – Digital Stereo & RDS/RBDS Encoder

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This DEVA Broadcast DB9000-STC is a high performance digital 32bit DSP based stereo RDS encoder. It can handle both analog and digital audio sources and features a secure web server (by internal password) with extensive remote control capabilities. The DB-9000STC automatically redistributes long text to make it clearly legible. The built-in USB, TCP/IP, UDP/IP interfaces make this unit directly (remotely) programmable. The DB-9000STC including streams for digital radio and webcasting can be fully integrated within a network. An additional benefit of the DB9000STC is that it automatically switches to a stored playlist in the built-in MP3 player when it detects silence. The audio files used can be uploaded from a PC via any FTP client. The DB9000STC can store up to 2GB of audio.

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