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Aqua Broadcast Cobalt C-10 – 10 Watt FM Transmitter

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The Aqua Broadcast Cobalt C-10 is the solution for drive-in cinemas, sports events and other occasions where low power is sufficient. The power may be limited, but the audio quality certainly is not! Using “Direct To Channel Digital Technology,” the Cobalt C-10 delivers clear sound. Like all models in the Cobalt series, this one runs in a custom LINUX environment. The transmitter features various inputs and outputs such as Analog, AES/EBU, Digital MPX (AES192), Ethernet, USB, GPIO, GPS Sync with built-in SFN capabilities. Thanks to its modern design, the ultra-bright RGB screen is very easy to read. The intuitive joystick controls with “Haptic feedback” and additional silicone buttons allow for quick setup so you can be On Air quickly. The intuitive web interface and remote control via Ethernet (https) allow you to quickly make changes or monitor the COBALT Transmitter. SNMP (version 3) management also gives you the ability to send emails and alerts and monitor audio remotely. All this ensures that wherever you have a web browser at your disposal, you have complete control over this station! As if all this weren’t enough, this transmitter also features a variably adjustable fan that minimizes maintenance costs. High efficiency, compact design and limited weight make this transmitter the best in its class.

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