Radix - "Simplify your RDS"

Radix 2.10 is the renewed RDS software solution by Broadcast Partners which makes publishing on-air texts through RDS easier than ever. The software enables you to manage all RDS traffic for your radio station using a single all-in-one application, which operates as a stand-alone application, as well as in network configurations. This means you don’t have to purchase individual client or server licenses.

Besides dynamic data like track title and artist of the song currently played by for instance PC-Radio’s automation, Radix 1 already offered extensive options to define and automatically display all kinds of messages: weather reports, financial news, stock market updates, sports, showbiz news, commercials etc.

A lot of these messages need to be updated regularly, so all that takes is a lot of... TIME. Unfortunately, most radio stations don’t have enough time to type, review and update all their messages regularly.

This is why Broadcast Partners has developed a solution in the Radix 2 software: RSS/XML feeds. When using this solution, all you need is to define a couple of things to automatically transmit the current weather, news, showbiz and other messages, without ever having to check them again. It almost couldn’t be easier.


Drag & Drop
Create items, sets or playlists in an instant using drag & drop.

XML/RSS feeds
Automatically generate PS- or RT items using XML feeds. The most recent information, without requiring any user intervention!

Automatic planning of sets and play lists in blocks of 1, 2 or 3 hours.


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Radix RDS 2.10 - the complete radio messaging solution

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