Sjaak decided to buy the great Orban 8700i for himself!

donderdag 25 maart 2021 @ 14:49

Sjaak, normally the Orban is used in a Broadcast Environment, such as Radio and Television stations. How did you get the idea to use an Orban at home?

There is a little history behind this... In 2005 I started to rent cd's at the local library and at the CDR in Rotterdam. I could enjoy this so much that I converted all these CDs into Flac which I stored on my computer. In this period I also started to appreciate the sound of Radio 538. I read that many radio stations in the Netherlands used an Orban, but at the time I found the price tag of the Orban too high.

Around 2010, I discovered the Breakaway Broadcast Processor, which I put a lot of time into until I caught sight of StereoTool. I found the sound of StereoTool to be cleaner than Breakaway, which allowed me to get back to my hobby for a few years. 

In 2012, I met Broadcast Partners and purchased the Orban Optimod-PC 1101e. To be honest, I didn't like the sound of this one, as it lacked deep bass. After a year I sold this Orban again, so I fell back on StereoTool and Breakaway One. Here I missed the sound of the voice, which you can hear very well on the FM or DAB +, and that's what I love the most, that tight sound and deep bass.

Over the years I dreamed more and more about the Orban 8500, but I also knew that it would cost me an arm and a leg. So I dreamed on a little longer. In 2018 I read that an audio processor in software of the Orban was also available and I thought that this might be something for me. So in 2019 I bought the OPTIMOD-PCn 1600 from Broadcast Partners. A nice sound, but it still wasn't quite what I was looking for. 

By now I was tired of dreaming, so I decided to buy a fat Orban 8700i for myself in 2021. I contacted Broadcast Partners again and I haven't regretted it for a moment. Every moment of every day I am still proud to own such a beautiful device, with a superior sound. The Orban is upstairs in my hobby room where the sound goes to my PC via Dante. I can tell you that I'm always behind my PC. A big investment, but worth every penny!

That sounds great Sjaak. Is there a reason why you choose for the Orban and not for StereoTool or Omnia?

The sound of Radio 538 pushed me in the direction of the Orban, so I replaced StereoTool. I don't know what an OMNIA 11 sounds like, and frankly I don't want to know.

You mentioned that you can be found behind your PC, what are you currently using your Orban for?

Currently the Orban is only used to listen to music. The Orban is connected via Dante to my PC. So right now I am not using DAB+ or broadcasting via FM. In the future I might want to do this!

That sounds great! Then we'll have some more fun news for you in a minute. But one last question: How did you end up with us?

In 2012 I was searching the internet for the Orban Optimod-PC 1101e and by coincidence I ended up on the Broadcast Partners site. After some contact about the Orban 1101e, I bought the device from Broadcast Partners at the time. It is that I have known Broadcast Partners for years, otherwise I might not have dared to buy the Orban 8700i. With me it is all about trust. 

Sjaak, first of all thank you very much for a peek into your hobby. As a future radio maker, as a surprise we would like to offer you a free test license of our automation program AerOn. This way you can try for free if making radio suits you. In any case, we wish you a lot of fun with your Orban 8700i, although it sounds like you will!