The quality factor

Basically, an FM transmitter network consists of two or more transmitters that are distributed geographically to cover as large an area as possible. FM range is a decisive factor when determining the success and market share of a radio station because as the number of stations increase, the quality of the reception has a direct impact on the listener’s choice. This is why distribution is so important. A larger and better network results directly in a larger potential audience reach and the related revenue. That's where Broadcast Partners come in.

As specialists in frequency planning and channel network management, Broadcast Partners are mainly engaged in the technical planning and distribution of radio stations and can offer comprehensive service as well as theoretical and practical expertise with regards to:

Audio routing

The quality of the transmitted signal is directly dependent on the quality of the primary studio signal and the way it is distributed within the transmitter network.

Backup connections

Broadcast Partners guarantees continuity in broadcasting by providing reliable backup facilities for the primary audio signal.

Redundancy within the network

The availability of the channel network and backup facilities are key to determining the quality of the selected transmission system.

Transmitter configurations

Broadcast Partners provide various transmitter configurations that range from the single Bronze series to the fully redundant Diamond series.


Modulation processing

Radio stations use modulation processing to create their own sound image. Broadcast Partners also apply this technique but in a different way.


Radio Data System (RDS)

Broadcast Partners manage networks that are equipped with RDS encoders in order to steer multiple RDS functions.



Using their extensive knowledge and expertise in the field, Broadcast Partners can assist you in building a successful broadcasting network. The price and performance depend on the quality, configuration, and options you select. Broadcast Partners offer specific configurations based on the degree of redundancy and choice of options, but they can also be adapted to meet your specific requirements. 
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