Corporate info

Founded in 1979, Broadcast Partners is a premier supplier of professional products and services specifically targeted at the radio broadcasting market.

Through the years, the company has evolved from a technical facility provider for radio stations in Belgium and the North-Western part of France to a professional full-service organization and network operator, with offices in Terneuzen and Hilversum.

We make radio happen

Our corporate slogan is more than a few words:

"We" refers to the close relationship that we build and maintain with our clients. A partnership with the client is always our goal, which specifically goes beyond a standard customer-supplier relationship.

Furthermore, Broadcast Partners focuses on radio - in other words, we are really proud to know everything about a small field of broadcasting. We concentrate only on the technical-facilitating aspects of this medium.

A promise made is a promise kept. This means that we see to it that the job gets done.