'We make radio happen'

Since 1979, Broadcast Partners have specialised in FM and DAB transmitter parks for all the major radio stations in The Netherlands and Flanders, such as Radio 538, VRT, Q-music, and NPO. What's more, Broadcast Partners offer top-quality broadcasting technology that is used around the world and they boast an R&D department that develops trend-setting products for radio and internet media. When it comes to professional expertise for commercial and technical projects, Broadcast Partners have got you covered. The company has two offices located in Terneuzen and Hilversum.

Partnership with the customer

The corporate motto 'WE MAKE RADIO HAPPEN' is much more than just a catchy slogan. 'WE' refers to the close relationship Broadcast Partners have built with their clients, which has resulted in countless long-term contracts over the years. This relationship is more than a standard supplier-client collaboration thanks to the reliable advice and support that Broadcast Partners provide to help media companies make the right technical and strategic choices.


Thanks to an increasing market share, Broadcast Partners is growing rapidly and plays an important role in increasing the market itself. Over the years, there has been a steady increase in permanent employees for technical and commercial management as well as customer relations to further assist the wide variety of projects Broadcast Partners facilitate. With the opportunities they provide, Broadcast Partners enable their employees to grow together with the company, resulting in unparalleled expertise.